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ХНЕУ ім. С. Кузнеця

Educational-scientific Program


Postgraduate Education: 292 (056) International economic relations

Postgraduate Education: Choosing or changing the topic of the thesis research

Department of Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Education

Postgraduate Education

To successfully master the master’s educational program, the entrant must have a higher education of the first (bachelor’s) level or second (master’s) level or the educational and qualification level of a specialist and the ability to master knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of international relations, specializing in international economic relations. The rules and terms of admission are posted on the website of S. Kuznets KhNUE at the link https://www.hneu.edu.ua/normatyvni-dokumenty/

The program focuses on innovativeness, interdisciplinary nature, combining methodological, special, linguistic and sociocultural knowledge, which will contribute to the formation of significant authority in professional activities, free communication with colleagues and society on issues related to the sphere of practical and scientific knowledge of international economic relations in Ukrainian and English languages.Keywords: international economic relations, global markets, global economic relations, foreign economic activity, international market, international cooperation