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ХНЕУ ім. С. Кузнеця

Bachelor’s Programme

 Educational-professional program of bachelor is represented by three key specializations / educational programs that will make Your life interesting and bright and Your future is a successful and promising!    Want to become a specialist in international relations and regional studies?    Want to practice analytical, consulting and expert services for solving problems and implementation issues of international relations on different levels?    Want to become a highly specialist competence in international business, to facilitate the activities of companies in the international market, professionally to solve problems of international competition?    Dreaming of a career professional to manage the financial and economic security? Then come to us!    Because You can choose one of the unique in Ukraine educational program +The latest technology and approaches to training + Experienced faculty + Powerful training base + High quality information provision + Academic mobility of students ++ In-depth study of English and other foreign languages    This boundless opportunities to receive a quality education and to take the first step to a Great Future!